Top 5 Best Nissan Cars in India 2018

An automobile company that has facilitated the world with a host of unique and innovative products, Nissan ranks as one of the stellar performer ever. The company is attributed for delivering a fleet of enticing cars.

The rare combination of power and performance in a budget that’s pocket-friendly is what signifies Nissan. We thought of going through the myriad of cars on offer from Nissan on our blog today.

So here we are, lining up the best ones on offer from Nissan. There’s much to choose from them. There’s Micra, the hatchback ones, Terrano the SUV, Sunny the Sedan and the MUV Evalia.

So you ready for the wheels?

5) Nissan Micra Active

Nissan Micra Active

This one is a hatchback with a pre-lift design on the older sibling Micra. This does feature some additional equipment over that one.

It’s a 5-seater petrol engine with an engine displacement of 1198 cc. It features 5-speed manual transmission and supports front wheel driveline. It has 41 ltr fuel tank capacity and sports a mileage of 19.49 km/ltr.

Price- Rs 4.48- 5.17 lakhs

4) Nissan Micra

Nissan Micra

This one is also a hatchback with 5 seater capacity. It has automatic and manual based transmission depending upon the variants. It offers both petrol and diesel engine option.

The petrol variant is powered by 1198 cc engine while the diesel variant is packed with 1461 cc engine. It offers 41 ltr fuel tank capacity and has a mileage of 18.44 km/ltr- 19.34 km/ltr for the petrol variant and 23.08 km/ltr for the diesel one.

Price- Rs 5.37 – 7.66 lakhs

3) Nissan Sunny

Nissan Sunny

A stylish performer with enigma and panache, Nissan Sunny is one of the best sedans out there.

It offers both petrol and diesel engine options along with manual based transmission apart from a specific variant offering anautomatic transmission.  The engine displacement for the petrol engine is 1498 cc and the diesel engine is 1461 cc.

It features 41 ltr fuel tank and offers a mileage of 16.95 km/ltr -17.97 km/ltr for apetrol engine. The diesel one offers 22.71 km/ltr of mileage.

Price- Rs 7.97- 10.81 lakhs

2) Nissan Evalia

Nissan Evalia

A Multi-Utility Vehicle (MUV) by Nissan, this one features 6-7 seating capacity based on the variants and is available in diesel option.

The MUV features manual transmission with an engine displacement of 1461 cc. It has 55 ltr fuel tank capacity with a mileage of 19.3 km/ltr.

Price- Rs 9.14- 12.22 lakhs

1) Nissan Terrano

Nissan Terrano

The rugged and top market SUV from Nissan, this has all it takes to beat the best. It hasboth the petrol and diesel options on offer and supports manual based transmission.

It has an engine displacement of 1461 cc for thediesel variant and 1598 cc for petrol variant. It comes equipped with the5-seater arrangement and offers 50 ltr fuel tank capacity.

The mileage for the petrol variant is affixed at 13.24 km/ltr and 19.01 km/ltr – 20.45 km/ltr for the diesel variant.

Price- Rs 9.99- 13.84 lakhs

Any of them rekindling your interests? Do send in your views down below.