7 Best & Latest Renault Cars in India 2018

A French automobile giant that’s been offering great four wheelers for the Indian enthusiasts, Renault makes up a fine option. You shouldn’t really be immune from it, in fact, they have become a household name these days.

It created the buzz with the SUV model back a few years ago named Duster and has plenty of hatchback and sedans on offer. The current entry level car from Renault named Kwid is one of the top sellers of the bunch.

We’ll be taking a look at their product lineage and list out the best among them down below. They offer seven models at current with few more to hit the roads in the near future.

Follow on for the best cars from Renault in India in 2016:

7) Renault Kwid

Renault Kwid

An entry level segment from Renault, this one has taken the market by storm with its performance and great features. This one comes in allpetrol engine with 5-speed manual transmission.

The engine displacement is 799 cc and offers seating capacity for 5 people. It has 28 ltr fuel tank capacity and offers a mileage of 25.17 km/ltr.

Price- Rs 2.62- 3.67 lakhs

 6) Renault Pulse

Renault Pulse

 A compact hatchback with superior manoeuvrability and high fuel efficiency, this one is definitely the go-to option for many. It sports both petrol and diesel engine with manual based transmission.

It has 1198 cc displacement for thepetrol engine and 1461 cc displacement for the diesel engine. It’s a 5-seater model with front wheel driveline.

It has a fuel tank of 41 ltr and sports a mileage of 18.06 km/ltr for the petrol engine and 23.08 km/ltr for the diesel engine.

Price- Rs 5.08- 6.95 lakhs

5) Renault Scala

Renault Scala

One in between the hatchback and the premium sedans, this one has great aesthetic looks. It offers both petrol and diesel engine options and has amanual transmission.

The petrol engine has a displacement of 1498 cc while the diesel engine has 1461 cc engine displacement. It has a5-seating arrangement and features 4 doors. The fuel tank capacity for the car is 41 ltr.

It has a mileage of 16.95 km/ltr on petrol variant and 21.64 km/ltr on diesel variant.

Price- Rs 7.94- 9.39 lakhs

4) Renault Duster

Renault Duster

The much-loved SUV in India, Renault has ruled the market with this piece. It has both petrol and diesel engine options and sports manual/automatic transmission based on the variant.

It features a 1598 cc engine for thepetrol engine and 1461 cc engine for thediesel variant. It’s a 5-seater with 50 ltr of fuel tank capacity. It bears a mileage of 13.06 km/ltr -13.87 km/ltr for apetrol engine.

The mileage for diesel engine is 19.72 km/ltr -19.87 km/ltr.

Price- Rs 8.47 – 13.57 lakhs

3) Renault Lodgy

Renault Lodgy

The all diesel MUV from Renault, this one bears a full-fledged seven-seater capacity. It sports manual based transmission with an engine displacement of 1461 cc.

It features extremely spacious interiors and has good fuel efficiency. It has 4 doors on the sides and supports a fuel tank capacity of 50 ltr. The mileage ranges from 19.98 km/ltr – 21.04 km/ltr depending upon the variants.

Price- Rs 8.55- 12.68 lakhs

2) Renault Fluence

Renault Fluence

A premium sedan offering from Renault, this model named Fluence has fresh exterior styling and is laden with optimum features.

It offers all-diesel engine of 1461 cc with amanualtransmission. It has a seating arrangement for 5-people. The fuel tank capacity for this one is 67 ltr.

The mileage is certified at 20.4 km/ltr.

Price- Rs 15.19- 16.82 lakhs

1) Renault Koleos

Renault Koleos

 A powerful SUV with subtle features and great performance, this one has pretty good handling. It features all diesel engine with automatic and manual based transmission depending upon the variant.

The engine displacement for this one is 2000 cc and has 6-gear speed with front wheel driveline. It has a seating arrangement for 5 people and bears a fuel tank of 65 ltr.

The mileage is stated as 14.56 km/ltr for the automatic variant and 16.26 km/ltr-17.15 km/ltr for the manual based transmission.

Price- Rs 24.19- 28.59 lakhs

What’s your pick of the bunch among these? Let us know about it down below in the comment box.