Top 10 Best Bikes Under 50,000 Rs. Budget in India 2017

In a country like India where people are crazy about bikes, the manufacturers are bound to provide the best bikes in keeping the budget in mind. On this context, we have come up with top 10 bikes which fit under a price bracket of 40k- 50k.

1. Hero Passion Pro

Hero passion Pro

Hero Passion Pro is the number one choice for every Indian who is looking for a family bike, not the sports one. The great about this bike is its great fuel aptitude which is 9.5 liters with a nice mileage of 69 kmpl. It has 97 cc air cooled, 4 stroke engine with a cylinder of 9.36nm @5500 rpm.

Cost: Around 46K

2. Bajaj discover 100

Bajaj discover 100

Bajaj discover has witnessed such a huge success in terms of budget bikes in India. Discover 100 powered by a 4 stroke 94 cc petrol engine it generates 7.7 bhp at 7500 rpm. It can easily generate a torque of 7.85 nm @5000 rpm. The bike provides a great mileage of 91kmpl.

Cost: Around 47 k


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