Top 10 Best Mercedes Cars Available in India 2018

Mercedes cars with engine displacement below 2000 cc are more popular. Crossovers are more popular over the SUVs. Diesel engine variants are more popular in India.

The amount of performance output and comfort a German vehicle offers, is probably the best among all the classes. Mercedes cars are expensive, but driving one on the roads would offer a lifetime experience that no other vehicle would. If you are looking for the best German vehicles within a purchasable range, here’s a compilation of top 10 Mercedes vehicles in India in 2016 that you might consider buying.

10. Mercedes Benz E Class

Mercedes Benz E Class

In the Indian market, there are a total of 4 variants of the Mercedes Benz E Class. Mercedes Benz E250 seems to be the most popular model, later comes the E350 and E400 models. The highest priced variant has an engine of 5661 cc displacement; and the most affordable E series comes with a 1991cc direct injection DOHC petrol engine with 184bhp maximum power and 300Nm maximum torque.

Price: Rs. 47.39 lac – 1.29 crore.

9. Mercedes Benz SLK Class

Mercedes Benz SLK Class

There are two models under the SLK class, the Mercedes Benz SLK350 and the Mercedes Benz SLK-Class 55 AMG. The AMG is certainly the heavy duty model with a heavily capable engine, and the SLK350 is more reasonably priced. The V-type petrol engine under the hood has displacement of 3498cc and it could pull off 306bhp and 370Nm.

Price: Rs. 71.90 lac – 1.26 crores.

8. Mercedes Benz GL Class

Mercedes Benz GL Class

The Mercedes Benz GL Class has two variants – among them one is a Blue Efficiency version, and another one is an AMG variant. People who care about fuel efficiency should pick the Blue Efficiency, whilst the performance savvy people should get the AMG. The diesel variant has a 2987cc engine with 255bhp and 619Nm power figures.

Price: Rs. 77.50 lac – 1.69 crore.

7. Mercedes Benz M Class

Mercedes Benz M Class

The Mercedes Benz M Class vehicles are Sports Utility Vehicles. They are capable of great off-roading, and the on-roading performance is also in the top-notch category. The diesel engine variant comes with 2.2 liter CRDi turbocharged diesel engine with 203.2bhp maximum power and 500Nm maximum torque.

Price: Rs. 56.60 lacs – 1.50 crores.

6. Mercedes Benz CLA Class

Mercedes Benz CLA Class

Despite being entry level, the Mercedes Benz CLA Class is arrogant and very capable of offering the rider with a sporty acceleration. The diesel engine variant of the Mercedes Benz CLA Class is equipped with 2.2 liter 16V in-line diesel engine. The maximum power it offers is 136bhp, and maximum torque is 300Nm.

Price: Rs. 31.50 lacs – 70.90 lacs.

5. Mercedes Benz G Class

Mercedes Benz G Class

For highly capable off-roading vehicles in the Mercedes-Benz lineup, there isn’t anything really better than the Mercedes Benz G Class. Both the available variants are AMG in this class, and also it’s very expensive category. The vehicle is powered by a 5.5 liter V6 engine that pulls off 544bhp maximum power and 760Nm maximum torque – immensely powerful! The fuel system is petrol injection.

Price: Rs. 1.84 crore – 1.85 crore.

4. Mercedes Benz S Class

Mercedes Benz S Class

The Mercedes Benz S Class vehicles directly compete with the BMW 7 Series vehicles. The variants are pretty much the same, there is a diesel variant, and there are AMG and heavily-secured variants as well. However, the engine is a 3.0 liter V6 diesel engine in the diesel variant offering 255bhp power and 620Nm torque.

Price: Rs. 1.14 crore – 10.50 crore.

3. Mercedes Benz GLA Class

Mercedes Benz GLA Class

The Mercedes Benz GLA Class is a very affordable SUV from this German lineup, offering 5 different variants among which the diesel is most popular in India. The engine displacement is 2143cc with maximum power 134.1bhp and maximum torque 300Nm. It’s a 4 valve engine.

Price: Rs. 30 lac – 69.90 lac.

2. Mercedes Benz C Class

Mercedes Benz C Class

With more than 10 variants under this class, anyone would be able to find their perfect type of luxury sedan. The 2.2 liter in-line engine offers 167.62bhp maximum power and 400Nm maximum torque. It has a 7-speed automatic gearbox.

Price: Rs. 30.35 lac – 1.30 crore.

1. Mercedes Benz A Class

Mercedes Benz A Class

A-Klasse (W 176) 2012

Pricing on the Mercedes Benz A Class makes it one of the most popular Mercedes hatchbacks in India. It’s a standard Hatchback with a 2.2 liter in-line diesel engine that pulls off 107.3bhp maximum power and 250Nm maximum torque output. It has a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission system.

Price: Rs. 26.20 lacs – 28.45 lacs.


Indian market has Mercedes vehicles in all price range, no matter how much your budget is you might be able to get one that suites your needs.