Top 10 Best Tata Motors Cars Available in India 2018

Low maintenance cost sedans and hatchbacks are very popular. For occasional off-roading, people don’t mind driving a Tata SUV; these vehicles are very capable.

If you haven’t heard much about Tata Motors, then you are missing out an important part in the automotive business. Tata Motors Limited is a multinational automotive manufacturing company, and their headquarters are mostly located in the Indian states – Mumbai and Maharashtra. The company has lately come in focus by purchasing most shares of Jaguar, apparently the Range Rovers you see hauling around are under the stakes of Tata Motors. Tata makes different range of vehicles starting from Tata Nano to large trucks for instance. The company was founded in 1945, and has gone a long distance over the past decades. Apart from regular automobiles for consumer use, Tata manufactures military vehicles, construction equipment etc. The smaller Tata sedans and SUVs are very popular, also the trucks are seen being used in many Asian countries. Tata has even introduced an electric vehicle very recently, goes by the name TM4.

Here’s a brief description on the top 10 Tata Motors cars in India 2016

10. Tata Pixel

Tata Pixel

Tata Pixel is one of the most futuristic vehicle that Tata has ever made. The vehicle was initially created for the European market as a low power consuming and low carbon footprint vehicle. Pixel has a 1.2L turbo charged diesel engine with 4 manual gears in the transmission system. The maximum power is 65bhp, and 48Nm is the maximum torque. Mileage – 26 kmpl.

Price: Rs. 2 lac.

9. Tata Safari DiCOR

The Tata Safari DiCOR is a very popular Indian SUV, made especially for the rough roads of India. However, the new facelifted version of this vehicle beats all earlier models. There are different diesel variants, the basic version has a 2.2L 16 valve DOHC VTT DiCOR engine with 138bhp maximum power and 320Nm maximum torque.

Price: Rs. 9.26 lacs – 10.47 lacs.

8. Tata Merlin

The Tata Merlin is another popular SUV based on a diesel DiCOR engine offering 140bhp maximum power and 320Nm maximum torque out of a 2179 cc engine. The transmission is manual with 5 gears. The fuel tank capacity is 65 liters, and mileage is around 14 kmpl. Storage space in rear is crazy big, 981 liters.

Price: Rs. 14 lac.

7. Tata Bolt

The Tata Bolt has different variants, however it is originally a hatchback car. There are different engine variants, like a 2 cylinder SOHC Revotron petrol engine, or a 4 cylinder turbocharged diesel engine – the first one is 1193 and the latter is 1248 cc. The diesel turbocharged engine is equipped with a FIAT EVO-II manual transmission system.

Price: Rs. 4.54 lacs – 7.09 lacs.

6. Tata Indigo CS

The Tata Indigo CS is very popular among many people – personal owners, businessmen etc. Even in some regions the Indigo CS makes great taxicabs. This vehicle has a 1.2L 55.23 bhp engine with 8 valves. Price: Rs. 5.06 lacs – 6.25 lacs.

5. Tata Indica Vista

Tata Indica Vista makes a great hatchback for daily commuting around the city, and occasional highway trips. The standard vehicle has a powerful 1.5 liter TDi diesel engine with maximum power 70bhp, and maximum torque 135.4 Nm.

Price: Rs. 5.01 lacs – 6.19 lacs.

4. Tata Indica V2

Tata Indica V2 is a lightweight hatchback car with a basic engine, and other basic stuff. Basically, the Indica V2 is targeted towards a customer base that are looking for an affordable daily driver. The SOHC enginee in Indica V2 is 1193cc and the maximum power it offers is 55.23bhp.

Price: Rs. 4.04 lacs – 5.18 lacs.

3. Tata Safari Storme

The Tata Safari Storme is the best-selling Tata SUV in the Indian market. It is available in 8 different variants as a very capable SUV, with a very reasonable price tag. It has a 2179cc engine which offers 148bhp maximum power.

Price: Rs. 10.07 lacs – 14.97 lacs.

2. Tata Nano

Tata Nano

Tata Nano is the most affordable car in India, and the tiniest four seat hatchback of the world as of yet.  GenX is the latest variant with AMT transmission for smooth and efficient driving at ease. It has a 624cc 2 cylinder engine. Average highway mileage is 30 kmpl.

Price: Rs. 2.00 lacs – 3.01 lacs.

1. Tata Zest

Tata Zest

In terms of sales, the Tata Zest still outruns Tata Nano. It has a larger 1.3 liters engine, and available in different fuel and transmission variants. Powered by a 1193cc Revotron engine, this vehicle offers 88.7 bhp maximum power.

Price: Rs. 4.96 lacs – 8.27 lacs.


Tata Motors is reputed for manufacturing affordable vehicles, as you can see in this listing already.