Top 10 Best Bikes with 1000 CC Engine in India 2019

Motorbikes with 1000 cc engines either fall in the cruiser category or sports bike category. These motorbikes are costly in every aspect – initial price, taxation, and regular maintenance but the joy they provide in a ride is totally priceless! And to buy a great 1000 cc engine motorbike, keep on reading this brief review of top 10 bikes with 1000 cc engine in India.

10. Suzuki GSX R1000

Suzuki GSX-R1000

The Suzuki GSX R1000 has a 999 cc engine that’s able to provide maximum power output of 160 bhp and a maximum torque of 110 Nm. The gearbox is manual, constant mesh type with 6 speeds. Fuel tank capacity for Suzuki GSX R1000 is 17.50 liters, and the highest achieved mileage is 16.10 kmpl. Price: Rs. 1,595,000.

9. Ducati Panigale 959

Ducati 1199 Panigale

Different variants of the Panigale had been in the market, however, the 959 cc variant stayed for long. This 955 cc engine is capable of pulling of 157bhp maximum power output, with a manual 6-speed gearbox the top speed is 264 kmph. The mileage on Ducati Panigale is 17 kmpl. Price: Rs. 1,585,293.

8. Aprilia RSV4

Aprilia RSV4

The first production of RSV4 took place in 2009. This motorbike is powered with a 999.6cc engine that provides 181.44bhp maximum power output. For the transmission system, a 6-speed manual gearbox is fitted with the engine. Fuel tank capacity on this motorbike is 18.5 liters, and rated mileage is 10 kmpl. Price: Rs. 2,367,718.

7. BMW S1000

BMW S1000

Different variants of the S1000 were released in the Auto Expo show in India, however this review is on the general spec sheet of the S1000 model. The engine capacity is 999 cc with 160 bhp maximum output. The fuel tank capacity is 17.5 liters, and rated mileage for S1000 is 12 kmp. It reaches a top speed of 200 kmph. Price: Rs. 2,530,705.

6. Triumph Speed

Triumph Speed

The Triumph Speed is a 1000 cc motorbike from the UK manufacturer, while the actual displacement being 1050 cc. The maximum power output is 124.7 bhp. Transmission system on the Speed is 6-speed manual, and this two wheeler manages to reach 220 kmph top speed. Rated mileage on the Triumph Speed is 14.5 kmpl. Price: Rs. 1,177,600.

5. Honda CBR1000RR

Honda CBR1000RR

Engine capacity for the engine on Honda CBR1000RR is 999 cc. It provides a maximum power output of 175.6 bhp. Like all the other sports bikes the CBR1000RR also has a manual gearbox with 6-speeds. Fuel tank is 17.5 liters, and the mileage this motorbike offers is 18 kmpl. Price: Rs. 1,671,344.

4. MV Augusta F4

MV Augusta F4 1000R

MV Augusta F4 ’s model is yet to come out, however, the first model came out pretty long ago. The engine is 998 cc with 192.30 bhp maximum power output. The manual transmission box comes with 6 gears, and both the brakes on this motorbike are disc type. The official fuel efficiency hasn’t been announced yet, should be close to 15 kmpl. Price: Rs. 2,599,000.

3. Yamaha YZF R1

Yamaha YZF R1

Yamaha’s innovation has always been spectacular, so is this YZF R1 model. The engine displacement is 998 cc and the maximum power output is 197.2 bhp. The fuel tank capacity on this bike is 17 liters, and rated mileage is 15 kmpl. Price: Rs. 2,519,258.

2. KTM 1050 Adventure

KTM 1050 Adventure

The KTM 1050 Adventure is an upcoming model. However, the estimated configuration are – engine displacement 1050 cc with around 120 bhp of maximum power output. There should be a fuel tank of more than 15 liters in capacity, and the rated fuel output would range between 10 and 15 kmpl. Estimated Price: Rs. 1,288,650.

1. Kawasaki Ninja 1000

Kawasaki Ninja 1000 ABS

The Kawasaki Ninja is one very popular motorbike in the 1000 cc engine segment. It offers a maximum power output of 140.1 bhp and the maximum torque output is 111 Nm. It has a fuel tank of 19 liters capacity, and the officially rated mileage is 9 kmpl. Price: Rs. 1,412,807.


The top 10 bikes in the 1000 cc engine segment are ought to be costly, but if you still have any specific inquiries about the pricing contact the nearest ex-showroom.

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