Top 10 Best Scooty (Scooter) for Men & Boys in India 2019

Scooters or Scooties are the latest trend that is once again gaining the popularity amongst Middle aged Indian men. If you too are in search for the best scooters for male then it’s a must read article for you. In the below article we have listed up the 10 best scooters intended for men in India. So go ahead and choose your model.

1. Piaggio Vespa VX

Piaggio Vespa VX

The new Vespa VX by Piaggio is powered up by a 125 cc engine which churns out a power of 10 PS. This SCOOTER comes with a front disc brake which makes it a men thing. But it cost a lil extra and you can that it’s not priced well according to the Indian market. But it’s a great scooter at all.

Cost:70k approx.

2. Kinetic Blaze

Kinetic Blaze

Kinetic Blaze is blazingly awesome scooter with an amazing engine of 165 cc. you won’t going to find such a powerful engine into a scooter that easily. The engine is capable of churning out a power of 11 bhp. It must be India’s most stylish scooty for men.

Cost: 61k approx.

3. Suzuki Access 125

Suzuki Access 125

It’s a great and superior built scooter that you should go for. Suzuki has embedded an engine displacement of 124.6 cc, thus making it a powerful and cost efficient scooter with handsome design as well.

Cost: 56k approx.

4. Yamaha Fascino

Yamaha Fascino

We all are aware with the dominance of Yamaha in the two wheeler’s segment. But Yamaha is stepping slowly into the scooter segment as well. Yamaha Fascino is a great and stylish scooter with a powerful 113cc engine, which is capable of providing a mileage of up to 65 kmpl.

Cost: 52k approx.

5. Honda Aviator Deluxe

Honda Aviator Deluxe

We all know that Honda is a leading manufacturer of two wheelers in India. The Honda Aviator is a cool looking scooter intended for men as it is heavy and looks stylish as well and powered by a 110cc engine.

Cost: 51k approx.

6. Hero Maestro Dix

Hero Maestro Dix

Maestro Dix is yet another fuel efficient scooter by the Hero Motocorp in its Maestro series. Powered up by a 109 cc engine which provides it a power of 8.2 PS, this is such a pleasure to drive on road. Top speed of 8kmph is not so impressive, but great indeed for a scooter.

Cost: 49k approx.

7. Mahindra Duro DZ

Mahindra Duro DZ

With a powerful 125 cc engine which can provide a maximum power of 8 bhp at 7000 rpm, it’s one of the best scooters that you can opt for. With a fuel tank capacity of 6.7 litres it offers a handsome mileage of 55 kmpl.

Cost: 47k approx.

8. Mahindra Gusto

Mahindra Gusto

Mahindra gained a lot of attention when it launched its first 110cc scooter In September 2014. Mahindra launched the 110cc powered Gusto to challenge the Honda’s dominance in the Indian market of scooters for men.

Cost: 47k approx.

9. Hero Motocorp Maestro

Mahindra Gusto

Looking for a stylish and cool scooter, better you go for the new Hero Maestro and we bet you won’t be disappointed at all. The scooter by Hero Motocorp maestro has 109cc engine which will let you drive at a top speed of up to 85 kmph.

Cost: 46k approx.

10. Mahindra Flyte

Mahindra Flyte

Mahindra is a new entry in the bikes market, but it manufactures scooters for a big period of time. Mahindra Flyte has got 124 cc engines and the telescopic suspension adds an extra comfort while driving it.

Cost: 44k approx.


No doubt that market is full of powerful and budget bikes but we can’t neglect the fact that a big crowd of Indian Men still prefer scooters over bikes. The scooters that you are seeing in the above articles are intended for men basically and these are the best 10 scooters that a man can get.



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