Top 10 Best Scooty Cost Below 60000 Rs. in India 2018

There was a time when Two Wheeler only meant Bikes or the Scooters. However, the industry got totally changed once the Scooty entered the market. The automatic and easy to drive two wheelers changed the Indian concept and women started driving in all across the country. However, the Scooty then got redesigned for men as well and now Scooty is as important and popular as a bike in India. There are different ranges of Scooty available in the country from various brands. If you are looking out for a budget under INR 60000, then here is the Top 10 Scooty in India under INR 60000.

10. Honda Activa i

Honda Activa-i

The new 109.19 CC Honda Activa i is one of the most popular Scotties in India. The high mileage of 66 KMPL and 8 PS Max Power make it one of the best in this range. The Scotty is available for INR 52,796. The Scotty has tubeless tires and 5 Liters of Tank Capacity.

9. TVS Jupitor

TVS Jupitor

It is one of the best Scotties from TVS that is priced for INR 53681. The 109 CC Scotty gives the mileage of 69 KMPL with 8 PS of Maximum Power. The high performance Scotty is available with Tubeless tires and 5 Liter of Full Tank Capacity.

8. Yamaha Ray

Yamaha Ray Z

Yamaha entered the marketplace of Scotties and this 113 CC Scotty is one of the best from the makers. It gives 62 KMPL of mileage and 7 PS Max Power. However, there is no tubeless tires for this Scotty and is priced for INR 55628. The Full Tank Capacity is 5 Liters.

7. TVS Wego

TVS Wego

Wego is another high performance and quality Scotty from TVS. The 110 CC Scotty gives 70 KMPL of mileage and 8 PS of Max Power. The Scotty is priced for INR 55925. The full tank capacity of the Scotty is 5 Liters and it gives you Tubeless Tires.

6. Hero Maestro Edge

Hero Maestro Edge

Hero Maestro Edge is a high performance Scotty with 110 CC engine and 8 PS of Max Power. It gives 65 KMPL mileage and tubeless tires. The Full Tank Capacity of it is 6 Liters.

5. Honda Dio

Honda Dio

This is a popular model from Honda powered by 110 CC engine. It gives 66 KMPL mileage and 6 PS of Max Power. The Scotty is priced at INR 56400. There is the tubeless tire for Dio and it has 6 Liters of Full Tank Capacity.

4. Hero Maestro

Hero Maestro Dix

This high performance Scotty from Hero is priced at INR 57376. The 109 CC Scotty gives 68 KMPL mileage and 8 PS of Max Power. It has 5 Liters of Full Tank Capacity and tubeless tires.

3. Yamaha Alpha

Yamaha Sygnus Alpha

The 113 CC engine Scotty with 62 KMPL Mileage gives 7 PS of Max Power. Alpha is priced at INR 58063 with tubeless tires and 5 Liters of full tank capacity.

2. Yamaha Ray-Z

Yamaha Ray-Z

Yamaha Ray-Z has no tubeless tires and manufactured with 5 liters of full tank capacity. It is priced at INR 58063 and is powered by 113 CC engine that claims 62 KMPL mileage. It gives 7 PS Max Power.

1. Honda Activa 3G

Honda Activa

The 109.20 CC Scotty claims of 60 KMPL Mileage with 8 PS of Max Power. It is priced at INR 58816 and has got tubeless tires. It has 5 liters of Full Tank Capacity.

The prices of the Scotties are based on the On Road Price calculation of a particular city. It may vary some amount depending upon the place of yours.

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