Top 10 Best Yamaha Bikes in India 2019

We have tried to enlist the 10 best bike models that we have seen from Yamaha. As we all know that Yamaha is considered as a manufacturer of sports bike, but India is a market place where you have to keep the budget in mind in order to achieve good sales. You will find 10 bikes by Yamaha that are the best in class and affordable as well.

1. Yamaha FZ1

Yamaha FZ1

A huge 998 cc Liquid cooled, 4 stroke, DOHC, 5-Valve engine empowers this bike. If you love speed you will love this bike by Yamaha. Although it’s costly but it has enough fans who love to drive in style. It can let you fly on Indian roads.

Cost: 10 lakhs

2. YZF R3


This super sports bike by YAMAHA is loaded with 321cc liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valves engine which makes it a super-fast bike. Its engine is capable of providing a Power of 42 ps. This is one of the best bikes by Yamaha.

Price 3.25 lakhs

3. Yamaha YZF R15

Yamaha YZF R15

You can consider this as the most affordable sports bike that you can own as it costs something around 1.10 lakhs and looks super stylish. With a powerful engine 0f 149cc liquid cooled 4 stroke engine it can attain a top speed of 120kmph plus.

Cost: 1.15 lakh

4. Yamaha FZ

Yamaha FZ

Yamaha is popular and well known for its stylish and powerful bikes with sports kind of bikes. FZ is well built and stylish bike with a powerful 149 cc engine which is capable of providing a great power of 13.1 PS.

Cost: 80k approx.

5. Yamaha Fazer

Yamaha Fazer

WE have seen two bikes in the Fazer series by Yamaha till date, one is Fazer and the one is FI 2.0. This bike from the Fazer series has got an engine of 153cc and it can give you a mileage of up to 50 kmpl. That means its fuel efficient as well.

Cost: 76k approx.

6. Fazer FI v2.0

Fazer FI v2.0

Fazer FI V 2.0 has got the same engine as previously launched Fazer powered up with. But the engine is capable of providing a bit more power and a mileage of up to 55 kmpl. If you are looking for an affordable yet stylish bike then why don’t you go for it?

Cost: 86k approx.

7. Yamaha FZ S

Yamaha FZ S

Yamaha tried hard to make it beautiful by giving it a cosmetic update by the use of new paint schemes accompanied by striking graphics. Powered up by a 153 cc 4 stroke air cooled engine, it looks quite similar to R16

Cost: 81k approx.

8. Yamaha FZ 16

Yamaha FZ 16

Yamaha bikes have always been a hit in Indian market with every new launches. But Yamaha FZ series is the most popular sports bike in India. Yamaha FZ 16 has got 153cc engine and can attain a top speed of 120 kmph.

Cost: 71k approx.

9. Yamaha SZ RR

Yamaha SZ RR

Yamaha equipped this bike with Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2- Valve Engine with having a Displacement of 153 cc. with alloy wheels and self-start you will get front disc brakes in this bike. So just put on your helmet and get out in style.

Cost: 66k approx.

10. Yamaha SZ S

Yamaha SZ S

You will find the same engine of 153 cc as Yamaha uses in its other bikes in this segment. Basically Yamaha tried to bring semi sports bike which you can buy for less than a lakh. SZ S by Yamaha is another great Semi sports bike by Yamaha.

Cost: 60k approx.


Yamaha has so far proved that the sports bike could be developed under 1 lakh, and has launched many bikes with sports bike looks. In the above article we have tried to bring out the best and the affordable bikes that Yamaha has to offer us. Yamaha have bikes costing above 10 lakhs and on the other hand it has a number of offerings under 1 lakh.


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