Top 10 Most Fuel Efficient Bikes in India 2018

If you are searching for the most fuel efficient bikes that you can buy, then this article is intended for you only. As we have come up with the top 10 bikes with the best fuel efficiency. The bikes that we have enlisted below are the bikes that provide the highest mileage. Go on read the article and find your dream bike with the best mileage.

#10 TVS Star Sport – Duralife

TVS Star Sport - Duralife

Bajaj and Hero is undoubtedly a ruler of the fuel efficiency segment but this bike by TVS is a bike that has got awesome power accompanied by a great mileage of 87.7 kmpl. It gives a look and feel quite same as TVS Star City but its far better than star City.

Price: 40k approx.

#9 Hero HF Deluxe Eco

Hero HF Deluxe Eco

This motorcycle has got low rolling resistance tyres otherwise it has no difference than other bikes in Deluxe series. You will get Hero HF Deluxe only in green color and it can take you as far as 88 km on a Single liter of Petrol.

Price: 47k approx.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Fuel Efficient Bikes in India 2018

  1. I want a
    High mileage
    Low budget
    Low seat
    Light weight
    Two wheeler (bike/ scooter).

    Provide me top 5 list according to my wish please.

  2. Hi Vishnu, I think all mentioned bikes are the best in mileage. Now you choose which bike looks is good for you.

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