Top 10 Most Fuel Efficient (Best Mileage) Scooty in India 2019

#3 Mahindra Gusto 110

Mahindra Gusto 110

Mahindra Gusto 110 is a new scooty with great fuel efficiency accompanied by engine Displacement of 109.6 cc. with a fuel tank capacity of 6 liters, you can reach as far as 63 kms on a single litre of fuel in its tank.

Cost: 43k approx.

#4 Suzuki Lets 110

Suzuki Lets 110

Suzuki has a lot to offer with this great fuel efficient scooty; as it offers you a handsome mileage of 63 kmpl which gives it an edge over the other scooters in this segment. It will make you a fan with its stunning looks and power.

Cost: 48k approx.

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