Hero Pleasure Standard Scooty Features, Specs & Price in India

Hero Pleasure: For everyday hauling and commuting purposes, a standard-issue scooter could just do about everything. Getting from point A to point B in time, fast and safe is the basic concern for having a scooter in the first place, and Hero Pleasure Standard gets it done just right. This is a moderately powered scooty intended for office executives or senior citizens. The power rating isn’t very fancy but for everyday usage, it’s very economic. On the design end – fits everyone in the house.

Hero Pleasure Standard Scooty Features, Specs & Price in India

Hero pleasure

Specification and Features

Engine displacement for this scooter is 102 average cc. The yearly tax structure for 102 cc engines is moderate, hence Hero Pleasure Standard scooty wouldn’t rip anyone’s bank accounts off. However, speaking of power distribution this bike offers 6.7 breaking horsepower at 7000 RPM and the maximum torque offering is 7.85 Nm at 5000 RPM. The fuel tank on this scooter holds 5 liters of Petrol or Octane. Figuratively, decently powerful. Kerb’s weight on this scooter is 101 kg, and the bike offers 125 mm underneath the chassis. For evasive maneuvering within city traffic, avoiding potholes and fast pull-off whenever necessary to make your way out is very easy to do. Variomatic gearbox on Hero Pleasure Standard could take some time to get used to, but it’s not difficult and intended for smooth everyday usage.

The body panels and lights are brilliantly designed despite being a basic scooty. A necessary amount of curves and creases are put on wherever required. Under the handle, there’s a tiny storage space where an umbrella or some grocery would easily fit. Behind the seat, the handlebar could secure some carriage if not a passenger with additional strings. The color schemes are black, red, and white mixed.

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Ex-Showroom Price: Rs. 44,900 in most shops.

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