Honda Activa 125 STD Features, Specs and Price in India

Honda is a multinational corporation that has its main headquarters in Japan. It is extremely famous all over the world when talking about power equipments, automobiles and of course, motorcycles. One amazing motorcycle product of Honda is the Honda Activa 125. This motorcycle is very popular in India and in the entire world as well. It is manufactured by Honda with the use of the modern technology. Some of the things loved by many about this motorbike are its looks and style, vast service network, great build quality, powerful engine, and good mileage feature.

Honda Activa 125 STD Features, Specs and Price in India

Honda Activa 125 STD

Specifications & Features

85 kmph is the top speed of Honda Activa 125 STD. With this speed, there is no way you cannot arrive in your desired destination in no time. This is absolutely a perfect alternative for an expensive car. Its engine has its own air cooling feature, so there is no need to worry about overheating incident. The maximum power of Honda Activa 125 STD engine is around 8.6bhp at 6,500 rpm. Moreover, its torque power can be of maximum of 10.12Nm at 5,500 rpm. Its variable-controlled automatic transmission also makes it great compared to some other scooter type motorcycles.

 Honda company also reveals that this motorcycle is very fuel-efficient, and its fuel tank capacity is around 5.3 liters. It has CBS or Combined Braking System. Meaning to say, it has a 130mm Drum front brake and a 130mm Drum rear brake. When talking about the color of this motorcycle, you will surely love the fact that it is available in 4 colors. Yes, you read it right. You can buy the silver, blue, black, or the white-colored Honda Activa 125.

 Talking about its outside appearance, Honda Activa 125 STD has a black crown, which is exactly located on the top part of the bright LED headlight. It also has a maintenance-free battery, viscous air filter, metallic body, bright tail light, comfortable seat and a lot more.

Honda Activa 125 DLX is similar to Honda Activa 125 STD.

 Ex-Showroom Price: Honda Activa 125 costs Rs. 55,689.

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