Honda Aviator 110 STD Scooter Features, Specifications, Price in India

Honda has been the heartthrob of millions of people for decades. Especially when it comes to motorbikes, no other brand can beat Honda. Honda Aviator can be categorized into the scooter model from Honda which is not only popular in India but is quite famous around the world as well.

The bold details of the scooter from Honda is made perfectly for the wild male adults who want to take the best out of the ride. The Aviator have the masculine edge as well which attracts females equally. Thanks to the remarkable blend of impact-resistant ABS structure and the metal which makes Honda Aviator less bulky and more stylish. The overall look of the bike is smart, elegant, stylish and yet strong which holds equally amazing for both males and females.

Honda Aviator 110 STD Scooter Features, Specifications & Price in India

Honda Aviator

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Specifications & Features

OHC Dream Mileage equipped with an air cooled 109 cc engine provides it with the necessary power. The maximum power of engine is 8 bhp at 8000 rpm having the highest torque of 8.74 nm at 5500 rpm making it ideal and unbelievable for the scooter models of this kind. Honda has undoubtedly amazed the world with its new technology. The engine also comes with a V-matic transmission.

The Honda Aviator 110 STD has the lightweight and stylish body with incredibly powerful engine and high speed. The bike has the ability to achieve more than 0 to 60kph in just 9.95 seconds which is much more faster than the previous model from Honda. The maximum speed can be measured as 85kph which is quite an achievement.

Honda also claimed that this recent model from Honda consumes 15% less fuel than any other models.The Aviator offers an average mileage of 45 to 60 km per liter.

Ex-Showroom Price: Honda Aviator 110 STD costs Rs. 50,863.

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