Mahindra Duro 125 DZ Specifications Price in India

Mahindra Duro 125 DZ in its first glance, appears to be an everyday commuter scooter without many specialities. Yes the design language on Duro 125 DZ is more of a conventional design with a ‘not-so-special’ essence, but looks aren’t all that defines a scooter. Underneath, the Mahindra Duro 125 DZ is a great daily driver with a much sleeker and upgraded look than the previous iteration of the Duro scooter model. Speaking of the first sight, the front would please most two-wheeler enthusiasts, while there may be slight disappointment while the eye is taking a look on the rear portion. But let us guarantee you, the riding experience won’t decay from the pleasant first impression.

Mahindra Duro 125 DZ Specifications & Price in India

Mahindra Duro 125 DZ


Mahindra Duro 125 DZ has a powerful 124.6 cc engine. As we said, the looks don’t really define a scooter. It pulls of a high power output of 8 bhp at 7000 rpm and the generated maximum torque is 9 Nm at 5500 rpm. These figures are pretty impressive for a commuter scooter. The automatic transmission allows everyone to ride this scooter at ease and hassle-free – starting from a high school guy to the most senior member. It is lightweight at a kerb weight of 114 kg and the higher ground clearance of 155 mm keeps the undercarriage away from all potholes and improper sized speed-breakers in Indian roads and streets.

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The speedometer marks the most economic riding speed 30-50 km/h which could be a great reminder on roads to save fuel and ride environment-friendly; certified mileage on this scooter is 56.25 km/l. With a wide seat and enough leg room for the driver, riding Mahindra Duro 125 DZ is a comfortable experience.


On overall assessment, this Mahindra Duro 125 DZ puts a check mark on all our wish list. Ex-showroom price – Rs. 46,000.

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