Best Motorcycle Saddlebags in 2022: Now Pack Your Gear

Best Motorcycle Saddlebags: It is everyone’s dream to travel freely. Some people just keep traveling. People love to travel by bike. In such a situation, if you travel a long distance, then you have to keep some important things with you. But where is so much space on the bike? If you want to travel anywhere by bike with your essentials. then you have to purchase the Best Motorcycle Saddlebags.

In this guide, you will find some Best Motorcycle Saddlebags.

Best Motorcycle Saddlebags

Best Motorcycle Saddlebags

1. Tourmaster Black Elite Saddlebag (Best Overall )

It is best overall. these tough polyester saddlebags have rain covers that incorporate together with their TourMaster elite tail bag. They’re outfitted with a shield of heat so they don’t burn from the pipes of the bike and have adjustable Velcro to secure them beneath the seat. Each bag comes with a reflective triangle to give you better visibility at night.

They’re simple to use and require only minutes to put the bags in or take them off without having to adjust any strap. They’re a great source of storage space and are high-quality. Overall, they’re an excellent set of bags at the cost.

The only drawback to the bags is that they have only one zipper from the front to the back of each bag, making it difficult to secure the bags and discourage thieves. Additionally, you might require an edging to secure them from your exhaust. Additionally, the rain cover might not be included inside the bag.

2. Stansport Saddle Bag (Best Value)

These saddlebags are constructed of high-quality cotton duck canvas and vinyl. They come with two large pockets that have double strapped flap covers the stress points are reinforced for greater durability. They’re specifically designed to be used on motorcycles, as well as scooters, as well as bicycles.

The canvas is very durable and is well built. They’re a great deal for the money and drape comfortably over a pillion seats. They’re big enough to fit a small number of groceries, and perhaps the spare jacket for a motorcycle.

The issue that these bags have is that they require to be protected from hot pipes to ensure they don’t burn. Additionally, you might require to alter the bags a bit to make sure they fit properly when you ride, specifically in highway traffic. Furthermore, they’re not designed to lift large objects without support.

3. Nelson-Rigg Yellow/Black Sierra Dry Saddlebags (Honorable Mention)

These 100% bike side bag waterproof come in black and yellow. They are made for personal watercraft, motorcycles as well as snowmobiles. They come with a universal fit that has heat-welded seams as well as UV coating which allows them to be cleaned easily. The mounting hardware is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum.

If you’re looking for top-quality bags that are heavy-duty, these are the bags you should buy. They hold seven gallons on each side and are securely attached to your bike using four buckles that release quickly and two pull straps. They also come with lightweight liners that make it easy to lift and store things into the bag.

But, they could be damaged after a brief period of use. It’s not simple to fasten or unfasten them fast. The four straps must be moved each time you place things in the bags, and then tightened again, which isn’t easy in darkness. The bags are also expensive.

4. Kemimoto Motorcycle Saddlebags (Best For Cruisers)

If you own the Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, or any other cruiser You might like these Kemimoto Motorcycle Saddlebags. They can be used on a variety of models that include Sporters, Softails, Dynas V-stars Shadow, and Vulcans. They are black with white stitching. They’re made from durable synthetic leather, which is water-resistant.

The bags come with pin buckles as well as a quick-release buckle and are big enough to fit a wide range of items like gloves, jackets, or a wallet as well as headphones. One of the greatest characteristics of these bags is that they’re designed to hold their shape and don’t lose their shape when empty. The majority of users say they’re simple to set up, quick to open, and are an adequate size overall.

But, they’re not genuine leather and they’re not lockable therefore your possessions could be in danger of being taken. Additionally, they’re not universally compatible and therefore won’t work with all kinds of bikes.

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5. WILD HEART Waterproof Bag Motorcycle Saddlebag (Honorable Mention)

The WILD Heart waterproof Bag for Motorcycle Saddlebags is an ideal choice when you’re in search of an option for storage that is waterproof. They come with a roll-up closure (just open the top, and water won’t get inside) and are made to keep your items dry even in severe rain. They are 50-liter in capacity (25 liters per). We like the multi-adjustment style which allows you to adjust the length and the distance between the bags. It is also possible to use them in a separate manner.

It is possible to make these bags smaller with the included belt. They feature a non-slip piece that reduces contact between your bike and the bag. Available in yellow or black bags, they are reflective, meaning you’ll be able to see them even at night. The straps are extremely solid and do not loosen. They can hold lots of equipment and are simple to remove and put on off from your bicycle.

However, you aren’t able to seal these bags, meaning your possessions won’t be totally safe from theft. On certain bikes, it is necessary to ensure that your bags are filled to ensure they don’t bounce off and get caught against the tire of the rear.

6. Milwaukee Leather Dual Pocket (Best Cruiser Saddlebags)

Their traditional design and universal fitting ensure that these Milwaukee Leather bags for throw-overs are popular for cruisers of all kinds. Milwaukee Leather is a reputable company that has experience making authentic leather garments, gloves, and jackets to understand the fact that artificial PVC leather is superior for water-resistant and durable saddlebags. Reflective pipework improves night-time visibility, while heat-resistant lower panels can prevent meltdowns due to exhaust.


  • Classic cruiser style, universally-fit
  • Two additional velcro locks for outside pockets
  • Interior pockets that are concealed


  • Simulated leather isn’t the best choice an option for everyone.
  • Pockets outside are not completely secure.
  • Water-resistant isn’t waterproof yet.

7. GIVI Trekker Dolomiti (Best Hard Case Adventure Saddlebags)

The full metal construction and the innovative mounting system make this GIVI Trekker Dolomiti the perfect bag for dual-sport and adventurers of all kinds. The aluminum shell with die-stamped stamping provides virtually impervious cargo protection and the cases are locked and attached on the rack with one key. The smoothed corners allow the cases to slide across the sky, allowing them to deflect branches, and may reduce the risk of injury to passengers and riders.


  • Aluminum shell with a rugged die stamp
  • One key for the mount and case locks.
  • Completely waterproof, and light


  • High-end quality at a price to be matched
  • Incongruous fitment and compatibility
  • Hardware and mounting racks not included

8. Chase Harper Phoenix (Best Universal Saddlebags)

An Understated style and tough material create an item like the Chase Harper Phoenix a universal performer on a variety of motorcycles. Urethane-coated ballistic polyester keeps out elements while quarter-inch-thick foam walls aid in keeping the bags in their shape and offer protection against impact. Adjustable hook and loop, as well as quick-release buckle straps, work to ensure a universal fit. The bags feature full-length zippered inner pockets beneath each flap to provide more cushioned cargo.


  • Foam and ballistic nylon coated with a coating construction
  • Inside pockets are cushioned to protect sensitive cargo
  • Unpretentious style and universally-fitting


  • Seats that are larger than 15 inches require an extender
  • It’s only 11.5 Liters capacity per bag
  • The plain look should not be a target for admirers of rhinestones, studs, and studs.


Materials and Durability

Motorcycle luggage is available in a range of materials. Some are more strong than other materials. The most common materials are synthetic leather, leather, nylon, and plastic. The most luxurious leather motorcycle saddlebags are made with aesthetics in mind, however, they might not last for as long as those made of synthetic materials. The saddlebags made of plastic, on the contrary, are more likely to break over time, which isn’t appealing.

Size and Fit

The principal function of a bike saddlebag is to house everything you need including riding equipment, tools, and other gear. Its size bag is typically restricted by the dimensions of your bike. Of course, larger bikes will be able to accommodate larger bags, but sports bikes with large exhausts need to be outfitted with smaller bags. If you’re unable to buy custom-built bags, you should choose an item that isn’t too large since it won’t fit properly nor look attractive.


We’ve covered this before briefly, but it’s still worth mentioning. Secure saddlebags are popular because they prevent your valuables from being taken. Although many thieves aren’t interested in cyclists due to the possibility of their consequences being severe and swift, however, it happens often. Bags with locks are especially important when you’re away from home and leaving your bike in the open for a long time without protection.


Each bike is submerged in rain at some point or another, and a lot of riders use rain gear for this just that reason. Also, it’s important to safeguard the gear in your saddlebags. There’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with waterlogged clothing or tools and items after a downpour. Some bags aren’t waterproof however, they do come with rain covers that are just as efficient.

Quick Release

 In the event that you buy a set of saddlebags that aren’t lockable search for models that feature or work with a bracket system that can be released quickly. This allows you to remove the bag easily and quickly from the bike. This is a great solution for when you travel and wish to keep your belongings secure by removing them from your bike when they’re not being watched.

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