10 Best Open Face Motorcycle Helmets in 2022

Open Face Motorcycle Helmets: If you ride a bike then you must know the importance of a helmet. The helmet protects you to a great extent if you wear it. It is also true that there is a big problem in using helmets because they have less ventilation. And it’s a tight cover on your head. In this case, you should use open face motorcycle helmet. Open-face helmets are not safe but if you go in traffic with a full-face helmet, you can’t see well nearby. As such you should use open face motorcycle helmet.

But problem is that how to choose Best Open Face Motorcycle Helmets. So don’t worry because you are at the right place. here are the 10 best Open face motorcycle helmets, you can buy. So let’s start.

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10 Best Open Face Motorcycle Helmets

What is a 3/4 or Open Face Motorcycle Helmet?

A 3/4 helmet is called an open face motorcycle helmet. It is different from a full-face in that it opens the face and is covered on the back, top as well as sides. The type of helmet isn’t equipped with a chin guard, which makes the face exposed. This means that a 3/4-sized helmet may not be as secure as the full-face or modular type of helmet, but they do offer greater coverage than a half-helmet. It’s also safer than wearing any helmet even. Most include a sun visor, which protects the eyes of the wearer when required.

10 best Open Face Motorcycle Helmets

1. YEMA YM-627 Open Face motorcycle Helmet

The Yema YM-627 open-face is a stylish and attractive open face motorcycle helmet that offers good protection from moderate and light impact collisions. The helmet is certified by the DOT. helmet which assures that this helmet meets the safety standards for minimum. It is suitable for use alongside street, cruisers, or scooters. This helmet is not designed to withstand an impact that is severe and therefore, you must be aware of this.

It comes with it’s Aerodynamic ABS shell that is quite durable. When it comes to the shell, don’t think about its size in any way. The manufacturer understands how important it is to wear a comfortable fitting helmet, which is why they have launched five sizes of the helmet. Remember this size may be smaller than normal size, meaning that you will need purchase a size bigger than your normal size. If, for instance, the your size is X it is necessary to buy XL to fit in the case of this helmet.

A light helmet that’s easy to wear. It also is equipped with multiple layers of EPS liners that add to the overall comfortableness. The liner is able to absorb and distribute medium and light impact collisions. The open face motorcycle helmet comes with the chin strap, which can be adjusted quickly.

This model you will also receive the sun visor which can be put in place without the use of any tools. The visor shields the user from UV Rays. Ventilation ports allow the interior to breathe. Beyond that something that is a problem is the sound. If you’re riding at a moderate speed, the inside gets very noisy.

Highlighted Features

  • Features Sun visor that provides adequate protection from UV rays. The visor can be put on without tools, making it a simple task.
  • It is equipped complete with it’s Aerodynamic ABS shell. It is a strong shell that can last for years as long as it doesn’t cause the event of a crash. It looks luxurious and stylish.
  • It also comes with a multi-density Liner made of EPS that has an excellent impact absorption capacity, and they’re very comfortable. They are also removable and washable too.
  • The helmet is equipped with vents for the intake of air and for exhaust. The open face motorcycle helmet is also adjustable, and ensures that the inside is always well-ventilated.
  • The company has set the price very reasonable. In terms of cost, the helmet has plenty. It is also DOT FMVSS 218 standard-certified and.


  • Very light and comfortable to wear
  • It is priced at a reasonable cost.
  • Interior well-ventilated and well-ventilated
  • It provides adequate protection from collision impact
  • Lasting Aerodynamic ABS shell


  • The inside is extremely noisy when you’re riding at a high speed

2. Best Shoei j Cruise Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Some people don’t care about price. So they are sure that the product is excellent, they are willing to pay whatever price. If you’re one of them, take a check out your options for the Shoei J Cruise 2 open face motorcycle Helmet, which is one of the most premium motorcycle helmets in the market at present. Shoei is a Japanese company, and they have been producing premium motorcycle helmets for quite an extended period.

The chin is the only part of the helmet that this particular helmet provides maximum protection for the head in all directions and is a credit to the high-end construction and cutting-edge technologies utilized within this headgear. The company has utilized Multi-ply Matric Advanced Integrated Matrix shell technology to make the shell extremely durable and quite light.

Lightweight helmets are very comfortable and allow you to ride for long distances with ease. The helmet is equipped with an EPS liner that is multi-layer. The liner made up of EPS comprises various density foams. The main goal of these foams is to absorb the impact and distribute them evenly so that no pressure is placed on the head of the user.

Concerning head safety, this helmet has been approved by the department of transportation. To ensure a perfect fit, this helmet is available in 4 different sizes. The sizes available fit well on nearly all head shapes.

The Shoei J cruise two helmets have a very unique face shield. With this shield, users will enjoy a larger and more expansive vision. Open face shields are large and tall, but this one is more spacious which is a benefit for the person wearing it. Furthermore, the face shield is included as part of the helmet resistant to scratches and performs a great job in preventing UV rays from reaching the eye. The shield measures 10mm and is extremely durable.

The spoilers integrated into the shell in this helmet minimize the drag and lift issues when riding at a high speed. Noise from riding is an issue that is common in helmets with open faces, but it’s not the case with this helmet. Like we mentioned earlier the helmet has a larger face shield, which minimizes noise considerably.

The overall experience is comfortable, as it is light and also well cool. But, the cost is expensive, which could cause this helmet to be unattainable for some, but the high-end quality of the product is well worth the price.

Highlighted Features

  • The helmet features Multi-Ply Matric Advanced Integrated Matrix shell technology. This ensures that the users with the necessary protection.
  • It has an integrated QSV 1 sun shield that offers excellent protection from sun’s harmful rays. The shield is scratch resistant and very durable, too.
  • The helmet is equipped with an air spoiler, which eliminates the drag and lift issues in high-speed riding.
  • It is equipped with an EPS liner made of multiple layers which absorbs and distributes crash’s impact in a way that the head of the person who is hit remains secure.
  • It also features a 3D Max Dry Interior System. It can be adjusted, removed and washable. The best part isthat it is able to disperse sweat and moisture, and sweat.
  • The 3D-shaped multi-layer cheek pad which provides remarkable comfort even for extended periods. It guarantees a perfect fit , too.


  • It’s incredibly elegant
  • It will last for years without much care
  • High-quality, secure open-faced helmet with a protective shell
  • It won’t let out any unpleasant scent or odor.
  • It comes with a cushioned cheek pad for greater ease of use.
  • Interior very well ventilated.


  • It’s a costly helmet

3. HJC IS-33 II Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

You’ll have heard of HJC. It’s definitely an extremely well-known brand of motorcycle helmets. The products they offer have consistently met the expectations of the customers and the latest HJC IS-33 II Open Face Motorcycle Helmet isn’t any different.

This particular helmet boasts of protecting as much as the full-face helmet. This is the case even when you exclude the chin guard since open face motorcycle helmets don’t have a chin guard. In addition, the level of protection is high-end.

The helmet is equipped with an eye visor that is positioned at the peak and a sun visor. The peak visor is used when the rider is riding in a strong wind. The sun visor helps designed to protect the user from UV Rays. It’s a very comfortable helmet and is among the top motorcycle helmets to use to use for riding. And the best thing is that with this helmet, you do not have to sacrifice safety for convenience for comfort. You can enjoy each, and that’s uncommon.

It is made of an Advanced Polycarbonate composite shell. It is extremely lightweight and solid and is a dangerous combination. A single density EPS liner allows it to absorb the impact and distribute the impact to the liners, ensuring that the helmet’s head is protected.

The helmet is well-fitting and is available in two sizes of EPS and shell that can be used to accommodate the most common head designs. This helmet will ensure that you will have adequate ventilation. the inner part of the helmet remains cool no matter how hot it is. When purchasing this helmet, you’ll be aware of its size. It’s less hefty than the other types of helmets.

If, for instance, L size helmets are perfect for you You will need to pick XL size helmet. In other words, the helmet will not be able to serve you well.

Highlighted Features

  • It has an advanced polycarbonate composite shell which provides superior protection. It is simultaneously it’s extremely comfortable, as the material is extremely light.
  • Aerodynamic shells and large eye ports increase the visibility of the driver that is essential when riding the motorcycle.
  • It is equipped with an EPS single Density EPS liner that is able to absorb and evenly distribute impact over the liner, making sure that the head that is inside the helmet is secure.
  • It features a one-touch, integrated smoke-tinted sun shield that is able to be removed and retracted effortlessly and is easily adjusted.
  • The inside of the helmet is well-ventilated due to the advanced Channeling Ventilation System that permits the proper flow of air.
  • The inside part is made of antibacterial fabric with supercool properties that remove moisture, humidity, and sweat. This makes sure the interior part does not release any smell or odor of foul.


  • The helmet is extremely well-ventilated and allows for very comfortable riding
  • The inside of the part won’t let out any smell or odor
  • It offers good protection because of the single-layer liner made of EPS
  • The helmet is very light and extremely durable.
  • There are two visors to provide protection from UV and wind


  • In comparison to other helmets, its size is smaller.

4. BELL Custom 500 Helmet

Bell is an American helmet and bicycle manufacturing firm It is an old business. Their bell 500-style helmet is their main achievement. The initial version of this open face motorcycle helmet came with a liner made of polyurethane and fiberglass, which was hand-laminated.

While this helmet was great to the eye of motorcyclists, its manufacturer desired to make it more modern. They got involved in the upgrade process and boom! They released Bell Custom 500’s open-face reel that is among the most popular 3/4-sized helmets.

The helmet has an old-fashioned style, however the technology utilized is modern and is one of the major factors behind its huge popularity. It is perfectly suited for the wearer because it comes in five different sizes for the shell including XS, SM, M L, XL and XXL. The design of the head of this helmet is stylish and elegant too.

For visors and shields that are aftermarket This helmet is equipped with a five-snap design. This is the most important aspect to this helmet. In contrast to most open-face helmets this one can absorb impact and disperse the force so that the wearer isn’t feeling any pressure on their head. This is one of the features that makes it different from the majority of 3/4 helmets.

Another positive aspect of this helmet is the fact that the manufacturer provides a five-year warranty on it. It’s an ideal situation for the customer. In the event that there is a problem in this open face helmet, its manufacturer will be in the position to fulfill its guarantee.

Let us now go through the flaws in this helmet. The first is, it appears to be a bubblehead helmet, although on the surface it appears somewhat thin. The second one is, the padding isn’t very good and it has very little padding. In light of all this, we can conclude that the Bell 500 is not the most secure motorcycle helmet that is open, but it’s certainly one of them.

Highlighted Features

  • The helmet has an anti-bacterial and multi-density EPS liner. It is a crucial element in the sense of safety. it absorbs the impact and is distributed evenly so that the wearer does not put too much pressure on the head.
  • It’s constructed using an ultra-low profile fiberglass composite shell that is quite durable for helmets. The helmet is built well so that the wearer will be able to enjoy their experience for a long period of duration.
  • It is available in five different EPS and shell sizes to allow users to determine the right size for their needs. It also has a 5-snap pattern and is also available for accessories for the aftermarket.
  • It is a DOT-approved safety helmet that has met the minimum safety standard and is safe to be worn on roads.
  • The same helmet is available in more than ten colors, which allows the wearer to choose the right color to their motorbike. The colors are all elegant and that’s why we include this model as one of the awesome open face motorcycle helmets list.


  • Very comfortable to wear, due to the padding and EPS liner
  • Available in various sizes and colors, users can select the one that is suitable to suit their needs.
  • It provides the user with a good security
  • It’s a tough helmet that can last for many years
  • The design of the helmet is elegant.


  • The cushioning might be more comfortable
  • The helmet isn’t quite as slim as it appears in the image.

5. LS2 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

If you’re looking for an open-face helmet that is decently protected for a reasonable price We offer the LS2 open-face track helmet for the price. It’s a DOT-approved open face motorcycle helmet but I’m not convinced it provides any protection whatsoever. It has two helmets with visors, a peak and sun. The visors allow you to ride against windy conditions and shield you from UV radiation that can cause harm.

The helmet is attractive. The company has employed High-Pressure Thermoplastic Technology to make the shell more durable and tough. Additionally it helps to make the helmet light so that the user is able to wear it comfortably for longer time periods. The helmet is equipped with an aerodynamic shell that provides more stability when riding at high-speed.

As we mentioned earlier, you will get protection from strong winds and UV rays with the face shield that is optically accurate. The face is equipped with an easy-release mechanism that lets you remove and add the shield faster, without using any tools. Furthermore the face is non-fog also, which willdefinitely enhance your vision.

The helmet is fitted with channels that offer great ventilation. There are both exit and entry ports for air, which means the inside remains cool regardless of what the weather conditions are. The helmet also has the last cut cheek pads made of foam that improve the comfort considerably. However, this model isn’t as long-lasting as the other models with an open face that are on this list. The helmet is only available in one size, which means getting a perfect fit may be a challenge.

Highlighted Features

  • The helmet provides the wearer with large visibility, which helps to avoid the feeling of a Claustrophobic feeling while riding. Additionally the face shield can withstand fog.
  • It comes with an adjustable twin shield system. can be adjusted, meaning you can decide the amount of air or light you’d like to enter the helmet.
  • It has been endorsed from the Department of transportation and meets FMVSS 218 standard as well as California Air Resources Board requirements.
  • There are channels for adequate ventilation inside the helmet. The ventilation can also be adjusted. It is possible to turn the ports off completely in winter.
  • It is equipped with High-Pressure Thermoplastic Technology, which makes the helmet slightly lighter and more tough.
  • There’s a cheek pad, which helps to make the helmet more comfortable.


  • It’s a well-fitting helmet
  • It is available at a reasonable price
  • Provides adequate protection and durability.
  • Protects against UV sun’s rays and strong winds
  • The helmet is decent looking


  • It is available in just one size
  • Not very strong and durable.

6. Biltwell Bonanza Half Helmet

This is one of the lightest open-face helmets: the Biltwell Bonanza Half Helmet. It is available in a distinct shade, and has an elegant design that many people enjoy wearing. While it’s an elegant design but it does come with the latest technology. It is equipped with an expanded polystyrene shell. This provides head protection. It’s not just for it protects the head but also ensures proper neck protection as well.

The helmet is sold at a price that is very affordable however the level of protection this helmet provides isn’t too extravagant; you’ll receive adequate protection. The helmet isn’t equipped with a protective face shield, and the manufacturer isn’t cutting costs in this area. The way that the shell is made is suited to the majority of head shapes. The greatest benefit that this helmet has is it’s extremely light. There is no stress on your head and neck because of the helmet’s.

The helmet’s shell is EPS safety shell and this helmet has been approved by the transportation department. We don’t recommend the use of a helmet designed for speedy rides and this one is suitable for slow-speed speed cruising. There’s no chin protector or face shield to protect the rider from the elements. Additionally, there’s no venting port to keep the inside cool.

Highlighted Features

  • The helmet has an injection-molded ABS outer shell, which offers good durability. The helmet also comes with the hand-painted look that will make it look nice.
  • It has an expanded polystyrene inner layer that shields you from impacts. In addition, the outer shell is very comfortable to wear.
  • It is sewn by hand and bristled Lycra foam liner padding that can be removed. This absorbs the impact and distributes it correctly so that the person does not suffer serious injuries.
  • The neckband is a D-ring. It can be adjusted and will fit well. The strap is extremely robust and is securely connected to the helmet, so it won’t easily fall off.
  • It’s a bargain cost, even though it does have many features the helmet does not have; however, for the price, we believe it’s a fair price.


  • The helmet is sturdy and extremely light.
  • It is available for a slender cost
  • The liner’s inner layer can help absorb impacts properly
  • The helmet is elegant.
  • Very comfortable to wear for a long time.


  • It’s not equipped with the face shield.
  • Not the most secure.

7. Shark S-drak Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

This is the most stylish open-face motorcycle helmet that is on this list. If you’re a fan of Harley and dual-sports knee dragger, cafe racer the helmet is made ideal for you. The design will draw the attention of everyone’s attention in the street. The style is straight from the box; it resembles the shape of a skull. While this model appears to be one with a full face but it’s not. It’s an open-face model that is equipped with goggles and face mask.

The face mask as well as the goggles aren’t designed to protect you from impact however, they shield the wearer from wind and dust. With a thermoplastic lightweight shell, the wearer can enjoy longer rides without causing irritation. Additionally, one will be able to enjoy a good level of security from this shell, too.

The wearer can take off the mask at any time they’d like. The mask is removable or affixed to the goggles. Additionally, there’s an easy-release goggles sale and if you do not need it, you can take off the google. The goggles are a great choice they give a larger view and have anti-fog lenses that improve the visual quality to a great degree. In addition they are also scratch-resistant and also scratch-resistant.

To ensure that the wearer is comfortable wearing the helmet goggles are lined with foam. Additionally, the large cheek pads enhance the comfort when wearing the headgear. In addition there are ventilation ports , too that will help keep the inside cool.

Highlighted Features

  • This set comes with goggles as well as an eye mask to shield from the harsh winds and dust. They can be removed If you don’t require them, you can take them off. them too.
  • The goggles provide a wide view. They are also anti-fog and scratch-resistant, which can help greatly while riding.
  • The cheek pads are pretty thick that guarantee a great fit, and provide the required ease of wearing. They also take a bit of impacts too.
  • The ventilation port which keeps the inside cool and well-ventilated all the time. This is a very useful option that all helmets should have.
  • Due to the wide-spread glasses and face mask it won’t make any noise in the helmet.
  • The manufacturer offers a five-year guarantee on the helmet. Shark is a well-known and reputable brand, and therefore can be relied upon.


  • A stunningly elegant look
  • Protection against dust and wind
  • Wearing it comfortably
  • Mask and goggles that can be removed
  • A well-ventilated, well-ventilated interior


  • It’s not a very durable helmet

8. Daytona Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

It is the Daytona Open face helmet, this model is very well-known. It’s a low-profile open-face helmet, and is probably the smallest. The most notable characteristic of this helmet is it’s comfort. The wearing of this helmet is very comfortable, and all thanks to the custom-formed inside. The inside of the helmet helps to eliminate sweat and moisture away from the face, creating a the airy and cool interior which improves the comfort.

It’s an official DOT-approved helmet, and it is possible for that your head will be protected from collisions as long as this helmet is covering the head. It is a cruiser type helmet, not a sports helmet, therefore, you must stay within the limits of the law and this helmet isn’t enough.

For a perfect that the helmet fits properly, it comes with three sizes of shells, to allow the wearer to get the ideal fitting. The helmet has a snap-on , removable glossy back visor, as well as an easy-release lock that lets you remove the visor more quickly with little effort.

The manufacturer provides a 90-day money-back assurance. What else do you require? Purchase this, test this for 2 months, and should you spot anything that isn’t right take it back at the factory. It’s a win-win-win. Also, the cost on this helmet is affordable. At this price, the model has a lot to offer.

Highlighted Features

  • It is an authentic open-face helmet that is DOT-approved that not only complies with requirements of the DOT norm, also surpasses it. Therefore, you will be protected by this helmet.
  • The helmet has an adjustable snap-on visor that features a quick-release mechanism. The quick-release system allows you to remove the visor without effort in any way.
  • It is priced at a low cost, but for the money we feel this helmet can offer quite a bit. If we contrast it with less-than-high-quality open-face models costing more, the Daytona model still comes out on top.
  • The helmet is available in three different sizes of shells that enable customers to pick the best fitting for their body and is vitally important.
  • It has a completely custom-designed interior which makes wearing it extremely comfortable. Additionally, the foam inside is able to wick sweat and moisture away.


  • It’s available at an reasonable price
  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Highly breathable and breathable inner foam
  • Offers decent head protection
  • Delivers perfect fit
  • 90-days money-back guarantee


  • It’s not included with any face shield.
  • No ventilation port

9. GLX Unisex-Adult Size M14 Cruiser Scooter Helmet

The GLX Unisex cruiser helmet is distinct from other models because it’s not a motorcycle helmet and the company has made it specifically for scooters. So if you’re seeking a helmet for motorcycles that isn’t this one, it’s not an alternative. Let’s take a look at the features this helmet has in it.

It is made of a wide range of materials and includes internal liner components that absorb and distribute light impact across the liners, making sure your head is safe. It comes with a sun shield to block UV Rays from reaching your eyes when you wear this. If you don’t require it, you can remove it and put it back on later too.

The strap can be released quickly and does not cause irritation when riding. The inside materials are extremely comfortable and are easily removed and washable, too. If you’re interested in adding audio equipment, the helmet comes with options for that too.

There are a few issues that users have complained about for example the chin straps don’t include padding, so when you strap it in a tight position, it can be a little painful. Also, the helmet appears larger, but this shouldn’t be an issue.

A major problem. An idea that could be very useful to you if you’re eager to get this helmet: go for a size larger than the standard size.

In addition, it is high-quality as well as safety, it is among one of the top half helmets for scooters.

Highlighted Features

  • The approval was granted by the Department of Transportation, it conforms to all their standards, however it is only for scooters and not motorcycles.
  • Includes washable, removable as well as replaceable interior microfiber liner
  • It comes with a sun block which blocks 99 percent UV rays from passing through the shield. It can be pulled back and positioned easily
  • The lower edges inside this helmet constructed from premium leather which provides more durability
  • There is also space for audio equipment for example communication equipment


  • Wearing a helmet with ease
  • Affordable price range
  • Protection from UV rays
  • Breathable interior elements
  • Offers decent protection


  • There is no padding for the cheek straps
  • The issue of sizing

10. HJC 408-611 CS-2N Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

This is the final helmet on the list and it is one of the smallest profile open-face motorcycle helmets. This is the HJC 408-611 CS-2N, a helmet that meets the customer’s expectations. If you’re a lover of well-ventilated and lightweight helmets that are well-ventilated, you’ll be awed by this particular helmet. It’s extremely light and has vents that ensure that the inside is well-ventilated.

The shell used by the manufacturer in its creation is a Thermoplastic alloy shell that provides decent durability and safety. In terms of safety, although the manufacturer did not provide any information regarding wearing the helmet on motorcycles, we’d suggest not wearing it when riding a bicycle. We recommend this helmet for scooters that aren’t fast because the helmet won’t be able to take on heavy crashes.

The inside of the helmet features Nylex padding that offers great comfort. Furthermore, two air vents in the forehead enhance the overall ease of wearing. When you wear the helmet, you will receive an Aerodynamic visor that provides clear and comprehensive views. The main flaw of this helmet isthat it can be very loud especially in the face of the wind.

Highlighted Features

  • It is a DOT-approved scooter helmet that is able to absorb and disperse the impact of a light crash.
  • Nylex interior provides greater comfort and is breathable.
  • Two ventilation ports let air to circulate inside the helmet, which improves the comfort of the helmet.
  • There’s a zip-out neck that is removable as well as earflaps with pockets for the speaker.
  • It is equipped with an Aerodynamic visor which provides an unobstructed and clear view. The visor can be removed too.

The Pros

  • Lightweight and easy to wear
  • Interiors that are well ventilated.
  • Offers decent protection
  • It is available in 6 sizes
  • The shell provides decent durability.
  • The price is quite affordable

The Cons

  • The helmet is very loud.

How to Choose Best Open Face Motorcycle Helmet?

Here are some criteria to choose best open face motorcycle helmet:

  1. Safety Rating & Standard
  2. Construction and Materials
  3. Helmet Visor
  4. Closure System
  5. Right Fit
  6. Good Ventilation
  7. Weight
  8. Noise
  9. Aesthetics
  10. Brand
  11. Price


1. Are Open Face Helmets Safe?

In comparison to half-face helmets, open-face helmets are far more secure. But when we compare it with a full-face model, the open-face models aren’t so secure as full-face models. The open-face models do not offer any protection for the front and they cover the top, back, and sides of your head. The full-face model covers all of the heads, which means they’re the most secure.

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