Mahindra Kine Price, Features Specs in India

Mahindra Kine: Mahindra is one of the leading manufacturers when talking about motorcycles. This is a company that is sought-after by many people. The truth is, this company has its main headquarters in Mumbai, India. It has been serving the Indian and international market for several years now. This goes to show that it is reliable enough for you to put your trust. One motorcycle model the manufacturer has, which appeals to a lot of people is the Mahindra Kine.

Mahindra Kine Price, Features & Specs in India

Mahindra Kine

 Specifications and Features

The 71.5 cc air cooled as well as 2-stroke spark ignition engine has a maximum power of 3.8 Bhp at 5500 rpm, while its torque has a maximum power of 5.0 Nm at 4500 rpm. It has a drum braking system on its rear and front part. When it comes to design, you will surely be enticed with the cool and stylish design of this scooter. Its beautiful flowing lines and smooth body curves certainly say that this scooter is primarily manufactured for female drivers.

 The truth is, this is an entry-level gearless scooter that is perfect for those who are still on the beginning of their motorcycle driving journey. Its engine power may not be that powerful for you, especially if you are already driving motorcycle for quite a while now. If this is the case, then why not choose those other models that have way powerful engine. Even so, you must make sure that you are financially prepared since they absolutely come with higher selling prices.

 When talking about fuel mileage, the average mileage that Mahindra Kine is capable of having is around 50-55 kilometers in every liter of fuel. Regarding with the color of this motorcycle, you can actually have four choices. You can go for the Midnight Black, Groovy Lavender, Racy Red, or the Pearl White.

 Ex-Showroom Price: Mahindra Kine cost Rs. 35,600.

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