Scooty Pep Plus Features, Specifications, Price in India

Not really gender oriented; yet the Scooty Pep has a lively design that fits the females like no other scooter does. Especially designed for the college and university going students, but even the young executives or senior members of the society could have all the fun riding the Scooty Pep Plus. Not leaving out the men though; if the color or design is not an ego issue then this shiny ride could comfortably get men to their desired locations without any problem. TVC Scooty Pep Plus has become a style icon for the youth in India and the nearby sub-continental markets.

Scooty Pep Plus Features, Specifications & Price in India

Scooty Pep Plus

Scooty Pep Plus Specifications and Features

Engine displacement on the Pep Plus is 87 cc only – yes it’s a small engine. But as long as the daily uphill climb isn’t required; the slightly underpowered engine won’t really hurt. Maximum power on the engine is 5 bhp at 6500 rpm and 5.8 Nm torque at 4000 rpm – these figures indicate that faster acceleration when necessary will not be much of a big deal. It’s a lightweight bike weighing only 95 kilograms. Maximum recorded top speed on the Scooty Pep Plus is 74 km/h.

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5 liters of fuel could be stored in the built-in fuel tank. As the scooty doesn’t really provide very high power outputs, fuel consumption is very economical. This would save a lot on everyday commuting to class, office or business place.

135 mm ground clearance is pretty high, though some riders have complained about a design flaw – the bottom of the scooty hits speed bumps at higher speeds. We believe it’s more of a driving style than an actual design flaw – in case this bothers anyone, test drives are offered at many outlets.

Scooty Pep Plus comes in various funky colour options.

Scooty Pep Plus Ex-Showroom Price: Rs. 43,404.

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