Yamaha Alpha BLUE CORE Scooty Features, Specs and Price in India

Yamaha Motor Company Limited is an excellent company that manufactures motorized products such as motorcycles and marine equipments. Yamaha can never be listed on the bottom part when it comes to motorcycles. It is simply because its motorcycle products are made of high quality materials with the use of the modern technology. This company was founded on July 1, 1955 by a brilliant man Genichi Kawakami. Its main headquarters can be found in Iwata, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. One motorcycle product made by Yamaha that really attracts millions of possible buyers especially in India is the Yamaha Alpha BLUE CORE.

Yamaha Alpha BLUE CORE Scooty Features, Specs and Price in India

Yamaha Sygnus Alpha

 Specifications and Features

Yamaha Alpha BLUE CORE is of course, packed with so many amazing features. It has an illuminated handlebar that is mounted with headlight. It also has an easy-to-grip bar that has great hip hold made from aluminum finished with high quality paint and color. It has large footboard which has simplified foot placement area as well as a convenient hook. It has a long comfortable seat that is accompanied with hip area, which is very helpful if you have tandem rider. Moreover, it has elegant side panels, 10-inch wheels that have 90/100 section tires in the front and rear parts, a stylish silencer, and a beautiful tail light.

 This scooter type of a motorcycle has an overall length of 1795 mm, an overall width of 675 mm, and an overall height of 1124 mm. Its ground clearance is 128 mm, and its seat height is 775 mm. It even has 1270 mm wheelbase. The fuel tank capacity of this motorcycle is around 5.20 liters.

When talking about speed, it has a top speed of 85 kmph. And when it comes to colors, you will have several choices, you can go for fiery red, brilliant black, radiant white, graceful grey, or magical magenta one.

Ex-Showroom Price: Yamaha Alpha BLUE CORE costs Rs. 48,936.

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