Piaggio Vespa LX-150 Price, Secs, Features in India

From the company that makes irresistibly awesome classical looking scooters, comes another classical two wheelers that’s higher in engine capacity and power but looks almost like the initial model that ever came out. Retro enthusiasts wouldn’t look anywhere apart and even the stylish office executive may want to take a ride to their office on this scooter. Piaggio Vespa LX-150 is a city commuter for comfortable journey from point A to point B; and it could stress its capacity little more during the time of needs.

Piaggio Vespa LX-150 Price, Secs, Features in India

Piaggio Vespa LX-150

Specifications of Piaggio Vespa LX-150

The Piaggio Vespa LX-150 has a 150 cc engine, that’s assumable from the tagline itself. The engine power is satisfactory, it pulls off an 11.6 Bhp rating at 8000 rpm and the maximum torque happens at 6250 RPM which is 11.5 Nm. The gearbox is automatic on this model, hence anyone starting from ladies to the senior citizens of the society can ride this scooter. There’s no need to maintain the precise balance between the clutch and hand mounted gear; instead it’s just starting the bike and hitting the road – there’s no more workaround.

The fuel tank capacity on Vespa LX-150 is 8.70 liters. Around 95 km/h is the maximum speed on this vehicle, may not be suitable for highway travel but for bumper to bumper city traffic, no other scooter could beat Vespa.

The brakes on front wheel are disk, rear wheel has a drum brake – factory fitted. The gauges are analog and there’s no such detailed gauges like the tachometer or the trip meter – only a speedometer instead. However, this scooter offers electronic start option as kickstart may not be the friendliest option for the intended customer base of the Vespa LX-150.

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For an inexpensive commuting scooter, Piaggio Vespa LX-150 makes one best deal in the Indian market. Price – Rs. 85,000.

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