Comparison Between Yamaha FZ25 vs. KTM Duke 250 Price, Specifications, Pros, Cons and Review

Yamaha FZ25 vs. KTM Duke 250: Yamaha wins the youth’s minds by offering a great outlook and a superior engine underneath the stylish chassis. On the other hand, KTM Duke motorbikes are silently one of the best machines that money can buy in India. Yamaha FZ25 has received some facelifts from the previous model and this model intends to stand in between two other very popular Yamaha models, the R15 and R3. Sitting in between, the Yamaha FZ25 should be able to offer a great balance between performance and fuel efficiency.
KTM Duke 250 is on the futuristic side, offering TFT displays as standard gauges and meters which indeed looks great. KTM Duke 250 is a model in between the KTM Duke 200 and KTM Duke 390 models, again another great balance between two different range products. Both motorbikes have some common strengths and weaknesses.

Comparison Between Yamaha FZ25 vs. KTM Duke 250 Price, Specifications, Pros & Cons and Review

Yamaha FZ25 vs. KTM Duke 250

Let’s compare Yamaha FZ25 vs. KTM Duke 250:

Yamaha FZ25

Yamaha FZ25

For the Indian market, the latest version of the Yamaha FZ25 has been launched in India in 2017. The 250 cc is a premium segment in terms of engine output and performance rating in India’s market, Yamaha seems to have taken the challenge pretty well. Youth would love how the body, rear, and frontals are designed with LED headlamps, tail lams, and features like an automatic headlight on when it’s time or the lights get dim. In contrast to Duke 250’s TFT display, the Yamaha FZ25 comes with an LCD instead of a typical instrument gauge. Maximum engine power through the 249 cc engine is 20.9 PS and it can pull off a maximum of 20 Nm of torque. Yamaha FZ 25 is based on a diamond frame. For the Indian market, Yamaha FZ25 doesn’t come with an Anti-lock braking system (ABS) installed.


  • Do you admire great headlamps in a motorcycle? Yamaha FZ25 is going to blow your mind with the best-LED headlamps in the 250 cc segment. The lighting is almost like a premium sedan!
  • In the 250 cc segment, Yamaha FZ25 is currently the most affordable motorbike in 2017.
  • For an attractive motorbike like this, you do not have to be around 6 feet tall. Because the seat height is quite low, almost any average heightened Indian male would look good on the Yamaha FZ25. On the other hand, lower seating ensures great balance and stability.


  • Despite having a 250 cc motor underneath, we found the top speed to be a little lower than expected. Acceleration is great, though.
  • The all LCD instrument panel looks great but could have been bigger.
  • No ABS.

Price: 133,276.

KTM Duke 250

KTM 250 Duke

The latest release of KTM Duke 250 comes with a highly face-lifted design and bodywork. In terms of design, the look and feel is a combination of these from the KTM Duke 200 and Duke 390. For example, the split headlamp looks quite like the pair from Duke 390 but the lamps are normal halogen instead of LED, like the Duke 200. The engine is slightly more powerful than the Yamaha FZ25, having a maximum power of 30 PS. Acceleration is almost similar in both these motorbikes but KTM Duke 250 feels slightly faster.


  • KTM has used high-quality performance parts while building this motorbike. Customer satisfaction guaranteed.
  • In the 250 cc motorbike segment, KTM Duke 250 offers the best in class performance.
  • We loved the edgy design on the KTM Duke 250.


  • Like the Yamaha FZ25, the KTM Duke 250 has no ABS either.
  • Top speed is okay, still not the highest.
  • KTM Duke 250 is meant for tall people, the seats are placed high. Might be unstable for short people.

Price: Rs. 196,436.

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What is your thought about Yamaha FZ25 vs. KTM Duke 250, feel free to comment.

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