Comparison Maruti Suzuki Baleno vs. S-Cross

Comparison Maruti Suzuki Baleno vs. S-Cross: The world has seen different new vehicles in the past few years. Especially, some new category of vehicles was developed to create a bridge between budget and requirement, as well as maintenance cost and other fees instituted by the government. As a result, we now have crossovers, it’s a variant that bridges the gap between an SUV, and a sedan. Crossovers are hatchbacks with some SUV properties based on a sedan engine – this is how you can put it subtly.

Comparison Maruti Suzuki Baleno vs. S-Cross

Comparison - Maruti Suzuki Baleno vs. S-Cross

So let’s Start Comparison of  Maruti Suzuki Baleno vs. S-Cross:

The Synopsis

Maruti Suzuki Baleno is a premium hatchback. There are plenty of hatchbacks in the Indian market and the popularity is higher than the regular sedans, mostly because hatchbacks are compact yet their storage and carriage space is higher in many cases, while the vehicle still costs lesser than most sedans.

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Maruti Suzuki S-Cross is a premium crossover released in India not very long ago. This vehicle has a moderately powerful engine, SUV-like aesthetics, some degree of off-roading capability, and a striking outlook. People with a need for an SUV and limited budget would choose an S-Cross without any hesitation.

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For comparison between these two vehicles, we have chosen DDiS 320 Alpha variant for the S-Cross and the Delta CVT Petrol for the Baleno. Both of these are top-of-the-line variants.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno is equipped with a 1.2-liter Variable Valve Transmission (VVT) engine. The displacement of this engine is 1197 cc, it has 4 cylinders and it works on in-line fuel injection principles. Baleno’s engine offers 83 bhp maximum power and 115 Nm maximum torque, indeed an impressive stat. Maruti Suzuki Baleno is an FWD vehicle.

And, Maruti Suzuki S-Cross is equipped with a larger 1.6-liter DDiS engine. All the variants are diesel, and the engine displacement is 1598 cc. It has 4 cylinders, the maximum power this engine pulls off is 118 bhp, and the maximum torque figure is 320 Nm. The drive train is 2WD, there’s no full-time 4WD.

Suzuki Baleno VS Renault Duster


Being two very different category vehicles, the Baleno and S-Cross have their differences in the mileage figure.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno is a compact lightweight hatchback, and it offers great fuel efficiency of 21 kmpl in the city, and 27 kmpl in highway driving. Maruti Suzuki S-Cross is heavy-duty, yet the mileage is pretty high. 18-20 kmpl is the standard city driving mileage and 24 kmpl is the standard highway driving mileage for this car.

Suspension and Steering

Maruti Suzuki Baleno has McPherson Strut for the front suspension and Torsion Beam for the rear suspension. Maruti Suzuki S-Cross comes with the same in both front and rear suspension – McPherson Strut and Torsion Beam respectively, however additionally there are coil springs in each wheel in both front and rear suspensions.

Both vehicles have electronic power steering.

Seating and Boot Space

Maruti Suzuki Baleno can seat up to 5 people, including the driver. Some crossovers come with an extra seating row in the boot area, however, the Maruti Suzuki S-Cross doesn’t have that. Instead, the S-Cross also has a seating capacity of 5.

However, the S-Cross has a crazy big boot space worth a capacity of 810 liters, whereas the Baleno boot space is only 339 liters.

Price and Variants

Following variants of the Maruti Suzuki Baleno are available in India:

  • Sigma Petrol Rs. 560,266, Diesel Rs. 712,552.
  • Delta Petrol Rs. 631,146, Delta CVT Petrol Rs. 771,656, Delta Diesel Rs. 786,613.
  • Zeta Petrol Rs. 720,706, Zeta Petrol CVT Rs. 840,036, Zeta Diesel Rs. 855,226.
  • Alpha Petrol Rs. 799,781, Alpha Diesel Rs. 935,276.

And the available Maruti Suzuki S-Cross variants are:

  • DDiS 200 Sigma Rs. 902,047.
  • DDiS 200 Delta Rs. 982,184.
  • Limited Edition Rs. 1,072,150.
  • DDiS 200 Zeta Rs. 1,109,255.
  • DDiS 320 Delta Rs. 1,191,037.
  • DDiS 200 Alpha Rs. 1,129,546.
  • DDiS 320 Zeta Rs. 1,310,252.
  • DDiS 320 Alpha Rs. 1,399,811.

So it was Maruti Suzuki Baleno vs. S-Cross comparison.

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